English Classes by Skype Native English Speaking Teacher Coach

Private English Classes Online.

Nathalie Durieux. Native English Speaking Teacher & Coach.

English conversation classes online by Skype to gain fluency and improve English, native English teacher coach

Improve & Perfect
Your English Online

The English classes online are based on conversation and are focused on sustained practice with little or no theory. They're given by Skype, are personalized, adapted to your level and focused on your goals. In class you can practice speaking in English to gain fluency and confidence, improve your pronunciation, build up vocabulary and learn or review specific grammar points. You can also prepare your CV, practice doing job interviews in English, prepare meetings and calls. You can also work on documents and emails in English. Basically, you can improve any aspect of English that you have difficulties with.

Customized English Classes Online. Skype.

Private English conversation classes online by Skype


Gain fluency and confidence

Learn vocabulary

Improve your pronunciation and accent

English classes online by Skype Native English speaking teacher


Learn or review grammar to speak English correctly in formal and informal contexts

Put what you learn into practice immediately

Prepare job interviews in English online

Job Interviews

Prepare your CV in English

Practice answering job interview questions related to the position you're applying for

Private English conversation classes online by Skype


Read articles of your interest to build up your vocabulary and to have things to talk about and work on in class

English classes online by Skype native teacher


Listen to podcasts and watch videos to improve your vocabulary and to get used to  different English accents

Personalized English classes online by Skype


Choose topics to write about to enhance your vocabulary and to perfect your grammar in formal and informal contexts

Student Testimonials

Quotation Mark

“Nathalie’s English coaching method is dynamic and well structured, it has allowed me to improve my fluency and comprehension in English quite easily and efficiently. She has given me all her help and support to prepare a job interview, presentations and documents in English, highly contributing to my professional success. I totally recommend her as a compromised and efficient English language coach.”

Fermín Sierra Del Rey

Sales & Marketing


Quotation Mark

"Not only has Nathalie helped me to improve my vocabulary and to gain fluency, she has also helped me to overcome the fear of speaking in English. I’ve gained the confidence I needed to hold a conversation by phone and to participate in meetings at work. Nathalie helped me to improve easily and quickly. I highly recommend her English teaching and coaching method to anyone who needs to improve their English."

Eva Rodríguez

HR Operations Administrator


Quotation Mark

"Nathalie has been coaching me to perfect my English for some months now and she is extremely good at adapting each class to my needs, always suggesting more efficient ways to communicate under different situations. She’s professional, reliable and always shows enthusiastic disposition. Each class is different and besides improving my English it’s a good moment to talk about interesting topics."

Javier Muntañola

Banking Associate