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My name is Nathalie. I’m a native English language teacher and coach with extensive experience learning languages and teaching English as a second language online, by Skype. I'm also a native speaker of French and I speak Spanish fluently, I have a clear and easy to understand British accent.

I offer private 1to1 English classes by Skype. Since 2010 I specialize in English conversation classes online, up until now I've trained over 400 adults to improve their English by Skype.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching English and it’s always very rewarding for me when my students reach their goals and speak English correctly, fluently, and with confidence.


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English Classes

The English classes are given by Skype audiocalls and are based on conversational English, with little or no theory; teaching is kept to a minimum. The classes are essentially focused on practicing speaking and listening, the two key points which I believe are essential to learning any language.

Since the English classes are based on conversation and practicing speaking in English, I don't use any specific English learning methods nor English study books. I customize the classes according to each person's goals, level and abilities.

I create a friendly and supportive atmosphere with each one of my students. By being relaxed, the learning process is easier and the classes are more pleasant. After speaking with them about their goals and determining their level, I suggest different methods to use in class and we decide together how to proceed.

As an English teacher, I help my students to improve and to perfect their English by correcting their mistakes and pronunciation while they speak and by reviewing or teaching them grammar when necessary, according to their mistakes or lack of knowledge. I teach them how to express themselves correctly in different situations and under specific circumstances, in formal and informal contexts. I also focus on teaching them English expressions, phrasal verbs and new vocabulary in every class. Any theory that I give them is put into practice immediately and I suggest what must be done in order to improve. In class they can also work on documents in English, their CV, emails, and so on. They can prepare writings to perfect their grammar and to improve their vocabulary. When necessary they can also prepare job interviews, meetings and calls. Basically, I help them with whatever aspect of English they have difficulties with.

Gain Fluency & Confidence

Expand Your Vocabulary

Learn English Expressions

Improve Your Pronunciation

Learn English Grammar

Prepare Your CV
& Job Interviews In English

Proofread Documents in English

English Coaching

After identifying my students' weaknesses and mistakes I choose the most appropriate training method to help them to improve their English and to achieve their goals without too much difficulty. I adapt to their level and keep the process flexible, adapting it as we go along; according to their progress or difficulties and also the spare time they have to practice and to work on their English in between the classes. I provide them with grammar notes and exercises when necessary and regularly send them real online articles and videos for them to improve their vocabulary and listening skills, and also to have things to work on and to talk about in class.​

I always explain to my students how to learn English and which method is most convenient for them to improve. I give them tips, tricks and strategies to remember things more easily. I help them to connect with their inner motivation throughout the learning process, encouraging them to become independent learners and to tap into their own learning resources. I assist them to achieve faster and effective improvement to reach their goals as quickly and as easily as possible.

I provide my students with notes by Skype IM and give them continuous feedback. As their English language coach, I also give them my support and make sure they're motivated, fully engaged and progressing at all times.

English coaching classes online by Skype


1 hour ................ 20€

50 minutes ......... 18€

To book a timetable, the English classes must be paid for in advance, by bank transfer or Bizum. To secure a fixed timetable, the total number of classes of each month will be paid for at the beginning of the month.

Cancellations that are made at least 24 hours prior to a class may be reprogrammed within 4 weeks, acccording to availability.