Clases de inglés online por Skype con profesora nativa

Student Testimonials

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Sara Navarro Valero

Communications Consultant, Barcelona

It's been almost a year since I started taking English classes by Skype with Nathalie and I couldn't be more pleased. After studying English at school and in different language schools for several years I wasn't confident when I had to speak, but it's not the case anymore. Classes with Nathalie are like having a conversation with a friend while learning how to express yourself and at the same time, learning new vocabulary, expressions and improving your pronunciation. She also encourages you to include English in your daily life and sends you interesting articles and videos. She is very professional, patient, empathic, and, what I value the most, she is very sincere. I highly recommend her classes to those who need to gain fluency and confidence.

Manuel García

IT Consultant, Madrid

Besides being reliable, dynamic and flexible, Nathalie keeps me motivated. Her English coaching method by Skype is very efficient and it’s always a pleasure for me to have classes with her. She’s a highly experienced teacher and I definitely recommend her method to anyone who needs to learn or improve English.


Carlos González

Digital Marketing,  Madrid

Nathalie’s dynamic approach to English coaching motivates and engages me. She has the ability of quickly identifying my weaknesses and making appropriate suggestions for me to improve. She provides many resources, gives sound advice and is a great mentor.

Javier Muntañola

Finances, Madrid

Nathalie has been training me to perfect my English online for some months now and she is extremely good at adapting each class to my needs, always suggesting more efficient ways to communicate under different situations. She’s professional, reliable and always shows enthusiastic disposition. Each class is different and besides improving my English it’s a good moment to talk about interesting topics.

Eva Rodríguez

HR Operations Administrator, Barcelona

I’ve been taking online English classes with Nathalie for 8 months. With her coaching method I’ve gotten over being afraid to speak English, I’ve gained fluency and confidence and I’m now able to hold a conversation. Nathalie is a great English teacher, she adapts to your needs and helps you to improve easily and quickly. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs to improve their English.

Xavi Anaya

Business Manager, Barcelona

Nathalie is the best fitting online English teacher you would like to find when you don't have that much time and ubiquity is so important, and you would need flexible but effective ways of learning. Nathalie is excellent for those looking for business conversational level. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for flexibility.

Javier Fernández

Industrial Engineer, Madrid

I contacted Nathalie in order to prepare a job interview that was going to be in English and by phone. I hadn’t spoken English for several years but within a few hours I gained the confidence I needed. We practiced doing interviews for several days. Although practicing interviews can be a bit boring at times, Nathalie always showed great interest in what I was speaking about and encouraged me at all times. She’s a qualified English teacher and a very pleasant person to work with.

Albert Balague

HR Partner, Barcelona

Nathalie has excellent communication skills and always suggests different methods to learn English. She has always given me her opinions and advice in relation to my English projects. She is a reliable person, dynamic and flexible and she always works very hard to help me achieve my goals. Nathalie has a lot of resources to motivate her students. She is a brilliant teacher, I definitely recommend her classes to anyone who needs to learn or improve English.

Alex Navarro

Business  Manager, Madrid

I started to take English classes by Skype with Nathalie to improve my speaking. I quickly realized that learning English online is much better than the traditional methods used in language schools because you focus more on speaking and it is also very convenient. Nathalie helped me gain the confidence I needed to speak English, I now speak correctly and fluently. She speaks Spanish so she always understands what I mean when I make mistakes, especially when I use Spanish expressions, which makes it easier and faster for me to improve. I definitely recommend her as an English teacher.

Jose Manuel  Rubio

IT Specialist, Madrid

I had been learning English for 15 years at school and at University. I had an excellent level of grammar and understanding but I was unable to speak in English so I took online conversation lessons with Nathalie. We had to speak very slowly at first but now, after 3 months, I can hold a normal conversation in English and I’m rather comfortable when I speak English. I have improved my pronunciation and vocabulary tremendously and I can finally imagine myself speaking English with anybody, doing interviews in English, negotiating a work contract and so on. Nathalie’s English classes are dynamic, she is very patient and understanding, she always adapts the classes to my interests. She’s the best English teacher I’ve ever had.

Alicia Martin

Hotel Receptionist, Sevilla

Nathalie is an excellent English teacher. I've been taking classes with her for several months to perfect my English and I am very pleased with my results, I'm improving fast. She corrects all my mistakes and always teaches me new things in each class. She is an extremely good teacher and I highly recommend her.